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Hi, I'm Stephanie Cozzens. 


And this is my very unimpressive camera.  Don't we look cool together? I took this picture right before I went to a rock concert.  Really.

I had this funny notion that writing would be good for me and help me decide what to do with What's Next in my life.  I'd say "When I Grow Up," but that part happened already.  Therefore, I decided to blog.  Mostly about being a mom, because that's what I spend the majority of my time and effort doing at the moment.

Well, I still don't know what the future holds.  I think I might like to take naps when my kids get older.  But I hear that doesn't pay well.

But this is what blogging has done for me: it's given me a creative outlet, a little virtual room of my own, where I can say whatever I wish, decorate however I choose, and nobody comes in and makes a mess. All my visitors, thus far, have been polite, charming, and well-mannered.

I named my blog "The Mount Laundry News" because my pile of clean but unsorted laundry is often large enough merit its own geographical designation.  Also, all blog names with "Mom," "mother," and "mommy" were already taken, with the exception of "The Perfect Mom."  There's a good reason for that, and I don't claim perfection, either.


If, by some crazy random happenstance, you've stumbled upon this blog and don't personally know me, I'll lay out a few personal stats:

I'm 37

Yes, I have five daughters.

I am happily married, but my husband, who is apparently in the witness protection program or a secret celebrity, does not wish to appear in the blog.

My (our) last name is pronounced "Cousins."  One of my husband's ancestors, bless him, couldn't spell. Not that it's especially relevant, but if we get to be good friends it would help me not look at you funny when you say my name. 

I am a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - a Mormon.  While my purpose is not to proselytize, it's who I am and therefore a part of this blog.


Now, if you're still itching to know a little more but don't want to go back and dig through my archived entries - totally understandable - here are some older posts that will give you a pretty good idea of what it's like to be me:

And So It Begins - my first post, a mission statement of sorts.

The Gap - probably says more about me, my family, and the way I deal with life than any other.

The Geography Bee - the craziness of five kids.  Although only four are in this post.

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Hallie, Sophia, and Manners - Everybody's favorite post, I think.  Kind of sad that I peaked less than a week after I started, but I understand why people like it.  I do, too.